Datanta Review

Posted August 18th, 2016

Datanta is almost a decade old dating website but seems to do poorly in terms of reputation and traffic. With such obviously substandard user interface, it is no wonder that the situation is bad for this website.

The website landing page seems almost blank except of the top and side menu. And when you log into the site, ads dominate the pages making the actual content obscure. The website declares itself as 'free forever' which translates to users suffering from inferior user interface experience.

One can sign up directly or use their Facebook or Google plus accounts to sign up on this website.

With few fields to fill, the sign up is easy enough. You can complete your profile by clicking the 'Complete your profile' button on your dashboard.

Once your email is validated and you sign in, you land in your dashboard which displays your picture and option to edit profile. Recommended matches are shown too.

It must be mentioned that you can get stumped sometimes when ads look similar to recommended matches that trick you into clicking the ads. This makes many users wonder if this website is legit.

Navigation is from the left hand side menu in this website.

When you click on any member's picture or 'Send email' button for that member, you can view their profile and send an email to them if you like.

The Account Settings page gives you the option to update your account settings.

Your messages are shown in the Messages page.

In the My Pictures page, you can upload your photos.

The options are limited in this website, but serve the purpose. A few things like the rating of profiles on this website are quite funny. Even if we did not upload any picture for our profile, the photo is rating as 3-star.

The website shows top-rated women, top-rated men and the option to rate men and women; but the genuineness of the rating is dubious.


Overall, we find this website to be okay to contact other singles, if you can bear with the ads and the inferior user interface.


Datanta Review