DateinAsia Review

Posted January 23rd, 2016

DateinAsia is the most popular free dating website for Asians. This website is more favored by the Thailand people, Philippines and Indonesians. Still, anyone looking for Asian singles can sign up for free from anywhere in the world.

Now that many new free dating websites are available to Thai singles and Indonesians, DateinAsia is mostly dominated by Philippines presently. Though it is notable that the website is not restricted to Asians alone, it mainly is undeniably the place to go for foreigners who would like to date Filipino women.

Signing up on DateinAsia is supposedly a hassle-free process. Basic information about oneself is to be filled out that includes username, password, email, birthday and country details. One has to specify their gender and also who they looking for on this website too.

Once the email address is reentered, an activation link is sent to the email given that has to be clicked to validate the account.

The next step is activation by mobile phone where one needs to enter their mobile number to receive an activation code.

This is where I find this website frustrating. Though it allowed me to enter my India address in the Sign Up information, there is no option to enter Indian phone number for activation, which I find kind of ironic.

And if you cannot activate the account by phone within 7 days, the account will be closed automatically!

So, I had to use a foreign friend's phone number to receive the activation code and complete the registration. Once the activation by phone is done, full website will be accessible to the user.

The registration is a little complicated because of the phone validation, but it seems that this is done to reduce the growing number of fake profiles on DateinAsia which is making the website lose popularity. As you can see from the screenshot below, the form can be pretty dauntingly long!

The navigation is on the top pane on this website. It gives options to the user to edit their profile, check their favorites, show who is interested in the user, visitors to their profile, messages view and of course search members.


The homepage shows the user's profile picture with options to edit, as well as visitors to the profile, along with singles interested in the user.

Once you start using the site for awhile, you will see that it has a mix of both foreigners and Filipino men. The age tends to skew older for the men, as is fairly normal on most dating sites popular in the Philippines.

Screenshot for "Me Myself"----IS this same as homepage?

The "Me myself" tab, as indicated by the name can be filled with a single profile picture and other information about the user.

This page is quite simple. It contains your chosen picture, visitors to your profile, and those who have shown interest in you. Short, sweet and to the point.

It is no wonder that DateinAsia is a popular site as it is simple and easy to navigate. In addition to this view, you can also see various lifestyle information about the person such as whether or not they are a smoker, drinker, view their biodata, and an area to write a profile with whatever they like.

The next  tab, "Shout", is a new experimental feature where one can chat with other users on the website. One can even select any of the Open Rooms available to chat with specific groups.

This is a cool feature to find singles one is interested in without any shy or awkward one-to-one moments. Plus, this is the only screen you can view without activating the account using a code via phone. But keep in mind that before activation you cannot message even here though you can view this screen.

The "Favorites" page holds all the favorite singles of the user in a single place so that the user can reach any of them with a single click. This is a nice feature too.

In this "Interested" page, one can see the single men or women who are interested in them. This page shows the user who really wants to get to know about them and helps decide whether or not to pursue a relationship.

This "Visitors" tab is self-explanatory. One can view all the users who visited their profile till then. This is a feel-good page showing all the attention one receives on this website.

The "Messages" page holds all the one-on-one chats the user has with other single men or women for reference. This is same as other dating websites.

In the "Search" page, the user can key in the name of anyone they are searching for and see if they can find them. This feature is easy to use, informative and to the point. One can find singles in Asia easily by filtering the country of choice.

Thai girls are numerous on this website, as well as Vietnamese women, but overall Filipina women outnumber them all. It is a typical online dating type of search, one can filter by gender, age, country, city, and sort with various filters.

As you can see here, the site is supported with ads from Google. Though these ads do not look imposing, at times the ads shown can be a little intrusive. But considering the fact that this website is free, and has many, many users – you can’t complain too much.

The Good

The good part about DateinAsia is that it is relatively easy to use, has good navigation and loads of single men and women on the site.

It has real-time messaging enabling the user to chat with multiple people with ease. And this website asks for less details to fill up while signing up.

You can block annoying users, report them too. Apparently, you can even hide your profile when you want to. Pretty cool, huh?!

The Bad

The bad part is that the functionality is less. There are no interactive whistles, games and such other things to while away your time.

DateinAsia does not allow users to sign up with their Facebook account, so, the users have to remember their username and password. If the password is lost, it has to be reset.

As already mentioned, the sign-up process can be a hassle because of phone validation. After all, who wants to give out their personal numbers on these websites?

The main drawback of this website is that lots of fake profiles are seen on it and this is the main reason that DateinAsia is losing popularity these days.


Overall, we find DateinAsia a easy to use, free dating website with loads of single men and women. If you are okay to give out your phone number and are careful in responding to singles out there, then this is the website for you!