FilipinoCupid Review

Posted July 27th, 2016

FilipinoCupid is a prominent free online dating website mainly to find beautiful Filipinas. Singles looking to date Philippines can sign up from anywhere on the globe. That said, we have to mention that the website has more Philippine single women than men and also that men seem to be of the higher age bracket and from all over the world.

This website offers basic functionality for free like finding a match, sending interest and communicating with paying members. The user has to upgrade the membership to use more features like communicating with all members, live chat and other functionality.

If  live chat with other members is not free, then this website is basically not free, right? After all, there is only so much a user can do with just viewing information about singles.

Also, these days the number of scammers seems to be too high on this website, and this is driving people away from FilipinoCupid.

The signing up process is simple enough with the user filling up just their first name, gender, age, password and email. Or one can simply sign up with their Facebook account.

Once the email is validated, the user is allowed to log in on the website and a few more details like ethnicity, marital status and country need to be filled in.

Then you can fill in more information in your profile, or simply start using the website right away.

The navigation is from the top bar on the page.

In the 'Photos' section, you will be asked to upload a photo to increase the chance of more dates. There is an option to copy your photos from Facebook too. Pretty convenient!

Then comes the actual 'Profile', where you need to fill in your residency details, appearance, lifestyle details, background/cultural values, personal details like your body measurements and a few words about oneself.

Does one really need to fill in so much about themselves? And would everyone actually give out their real information or fill in whatever they want to, to impress the date? This is where FilipinoCupid falters.

Once you fill in all that, your profile will be shown with those details.

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A full overview of all your details follow along with options to 'Show Interest' and 'Send Message' to you.

Next comes the information you need to fill out to enter your 'Match' criteria. There are quite a number of fields to fill in here too.

You have to specify who you are looking for, the age bracket, country, appearance, lifestyle, background/cultural values that apparently includes even the star sign.

Sure this sounds way too formal as in filling out information for a job rather than a casual date.

Next you can fill in your 'Hobbies & Interests'. Things like your fun idea, food, music and interest in sports can be specified.

Then you can write up about your 'Personality'. Your favorite movie, books, food, music, hobbies and interest, your dress sense, appearance, personality, travel interests, adaptability, idea of a romantic weekend and finally details about who would make a perfect match for you; these details can be filled in this section. We find this a little too repetitive.

Coming to 'CupidTag' section. Finally a section that sounds interesting and fun. You can add CupidTags that describe you and your interests like beautiful, adventurous, beach, charming etc.

Then comes the more serious part, 'Verify Profile'. To create more trust and interest in your profile, you can optionally upload a identification document which has your name and photo. This will get validated by the FilipinoCupid team and you get tagged as a genuine user.

There is a whole section called 'IMBRA' dedicated to take information about you when you decide to take a foreign partner. Good thought.

The completeness of your profile depends on all the sections you have filled in and each section is given specific percentage as shown below.

Even if you do not fill all the details immediately, you can always click on your picture in the top bar and see the below options to select what you want to complete.

Meanwhile, once your email is validated, you start receiving messages and activity notifications. This is even before you get a chance to fill in your profile details. This shows how genuine those interests and messages are, huh?!

If you would like to view all the online members on the website, just click on the 'Members Online' tab.

When you click on the 'Matches' tab, you will see a whole lot of profiles with matches, mutual matches and reverse matches based on the criteria you gave.

Then there is the 'Search' option, which is quite good. It takes in the criteria you need and searches for members for a match. You can even save your searches, search with specific keywords, cupidtags, first name, or the member number itself if you know it.

Popular searches are also listed for your convenience.

To change any 'Account Settings' you need to click on the Settings icon next to your picture on the top bar.

You can change the language, billing info, upgrade your membership, update password, change profile settings, notification settings and even change your email.

As mentioned earlier, you receive tons of email from FilipinoCupid as soon as the email is validated. To manage these emails, you can change the notification settings.

Upgrading the membership seems to be a basic need in FilipinoCupid. Else, how can you even chat with other members?

There are plans like Standard, Gold and Platinum at different rates for different options and you have various pay options though the website recommends using a credit card.

The features are as below for all three plans. Here Standard is the free plan and is default. As you can see the features are extremely limited for the free membership.


The Good

The good part about FilipinoCupid is that it allow users to sign up with their Facebook account. So, the users do not have to remember their username or password for their FilipinoCupid account.

They can simply sign up with their Facebook account and log in using that anytime, and even copy photos from Facebook.

Next major plus is the real-time notifications users receive on the screen while they are logged in.

You get a cute little window with a live notification on the left bottom corner of the screen if you get any new messages or any new activity happens for your account. Knowing that someone is interested in you instantly makes you feel happy, right?


The Bad

The bad part is that there are simply numerous fields to fill in to complete your profile, lots of data to feed to just specify what you would like in a match.

And your inbox would be flooded with emails from FilipinoCupid unless you specifically go and disable notifications for whatever alerts you do not want to see in email.

Then comes the membership issue. The Standard plan is practically useless. Unless you pay for a plan like Gold or Platinum, you will not have good results on the website.

Not to forget the growing number of scammers who are on the website just to trap users for money unless they are very careful.



Overall, we find FilipinoCupid a good website for dating with lots of members. Only you need to remember that anyone can sign in with just an email address, so, the profile need not be genuine. But there are good number of singles out there and it is as good as a shot as any. So, try your luck, with caution!