PinaLove Review

Posted July 29th, 2016


PinaLove is known to be the second most popular online dating website in Philippines and has lots of gorgeous Filipinas. It is dominated with Manila girls and Cebu girls mostly. One can sign up on PinaLove from anywhere in the world to date these beauties.

This website offers basic functionality for free like finding a match, sending interest and communicating with paying members. Like many dating websites, PinaLove also offers free and paid memberships and offers different features in both versions.

The user has to upgrade the membership to use more features like communicating with all members, live chat and other functionality.

If  live chat with other members is not free, then this website is basically not free, right? After all, there is only so much a user can do with just viewing information about singles.


Signing up has you entering about eighteen fields including username, password, email, your gender and who you are looking for, your date of birth, height, weight, country and a few more details.

We felt that the signing up process is slow because of so many fields to fill, but considering the website does not ask for anymore information to fill once we are logged in, we can't complain too much.

That said, on your profile page, it does ask a few questions at random, which you may choose not to answer.

We did not receive any mail to validate the email. But in the account settings page, it was mentioned that the email is not validated, so the mail was resent and then the email got validated.

Maybe it’s a glitch in the system or it was deliberate because PinaLove does not depend on email validations. It validates your account using an activation code sent to your phone number. This is a hassle as everyone does not wish to give out their personal number online.

PinaLove has another option for those who do not have a phone number to verify the account. Yes, you guessed it right! This website also makes money selling privacy. You can upgrade to one of their premium plans to activate the account without a phone number.

The premium membership starts at $24.95 per month and has plans for every three months at $49.95, six months at $69.95 and one year at $99.95.

If you plan to stay on this website for long, yearly membership seems to the cheapest option. Also, if you do not upgrade the membership right away, you can do so later by clicking on the 'Upgrade Account' button on the top right side of the navigation bar at the top of your screen.

Once you enter the activation code or upgrade membership, you will land into the website and immediately be asked to upload your picture. Of course, this step can be skipped.

And then you will see all the gorgeous singles out on the website.

Online users are visible and you can filter using all the options given in the screen like who you want to see, their age, country, height, weight, education and number of children.

New members are highlighted too.

You can even chat with users who are online in the same area as yours by clicking on the chat window at the bottom right corner of the screen. But this option is extremely limited by time in free membership.

Paid members get to chat with multiple users at anytime. Even webcam chat is available for premium members.

Navigation is from the top bar in the desktop version of PinaLove.

You can always come back to the home screen by using the 'Browse' option on the top bar and check out the currently online singles.

By clicking on the 'Mail' tab, you can check your unread messages, Inbox, Outbox and latest comments.

The next screen, 'Lists' is interesting. You can check out who visited your profile in the 'Visited me' tab, see who is interested in you in the 'Interested in me' tab, check your profile visits in 'My Visits' tab, your interests in 'My Interests' tab, your favorites in 'My Favorites' tab, notes in the 'Notes' tab. You can even check out saved pictures in the 'Saved Photos' tab.

You can filter using the city, order by the time added and username. There is an option even to show only the hidden users. Quite candid, huh?

A point to note in the 'My Visits' tab is that it shows who you have visited only if you have chosen to appear in the recent visitors of the profile when you are a premium member.

E:\Priya Projects Writing\Upwork\Dating website reviews\PinaLove1.PNG

The Settings are shown when you click on your picture on the right top corner of the top bar. You can edit your profile by clicking on the 'Edit Profile' option.

E:\Priya Projects Writing\Upwork\Dating website reviews\pinalove7.PNG

You can update the profile details using the 'Update Profile Details' button here. And can upload multiple pictures according to the rules posted on the profile page. The page gives you options to control your profile visibility, comments, premium options, block users to permanently block a person or simply hide them.

E:\Priya Projects Writing\Upwork\Dating website reviews\PinaLove2.PNG

In 'Profile Visibility' tab, you can choose who you would like to see your profile.

As mentioned earlier, in this page, random questions will be thrown at you, which you may choose even not to answer.

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In 'Comment Control' tab, you can control comments on your profile.

E:\Priya Projects Writing\Upwork\Dating website reviews\PinaLove4.PNG

In 'Premium Options' tab, you can choose to be shown as online or offline and edit other options like that.

E:\Priya Projects Writing\Upwork\Dating website reviews\pinalove5.PNG

In 'Block list' tab, you can see the users you blocked.

E:\Priya Projects Writing\Upwork\Dating website reviews\pinalove6.PNG

In 'Hide list' tab, you can see the users you have chosen to hide.

You can see your pictures, by clicking on the 'My Pictures' option in the settings.

E:\Priya Projects Writing\Upwork\Dating website reviews\pinalove8.PNG

You can change your account settings like username, email, email preferences and even password in the 'Account Settings' page. This page is accessible as an option by clicking on your picture at the right corner of the top bar.

If you want to close your account or permanently delete it, this is the place to do it.

Option to change username is only available to premium members.

The mobile version of PinaLove is also accessible by clicking on the 'Mobile Site' button in the settings when you click on your picture at the top right corner of the navigation bar.

You can see the online members in a grid in pages, search using the username of any text in the profile.


You can even filter  the users by gender, age, country, city, height, weight, education, number of children and their last active status.

Next option available in the settings is 'Help'.  This is a great feature on PinaLove that is usually not so extensively available on other such dating websites.

If your question is not related to the topics they have covered, you can even email it to their email and the support team will get back to you.

The Good

The good part about this website is the limited number of questions they ask you about yourself to fill. Also, the minimal number of screens is a pleasing feature.

The Help option available to users is excellent too. There is no wait time in getting any questions cleared.

PinaLove is one of the few dating websites to have a good mobile app too.

The Bad

The bad part is that there is no Facebook sign in for the account, so you must remember the account details. Else, a password reset is in order. Also, you cannot upload your pictures from Facebook, which is pretty inconvenient for many users.

Then comes the obvious inability to chat with multiple users when you are a free member. Basically this website works well for paid members.

As is the case with many of the dating websites, scammers keep cropping up. Even mobile verification does not stop fake profiles from growing on this website too.



Overall, we find PinaLove to be a good website if you are willing to be shell out a few bucks to find beautiful girls and to be mindful of scammers.